Cover Reveal: Prayer

NEW from Susan Fanetti

Prayer, Book 5 in the Pagano Series
January 30, 2016

John Pagano is the “good son” of his family, the one among his brothers who has always done what was expected of him, who was never a disappointment or a trouble. He’s built a good life in that quiet space. But he’s not happy. Despite the strong foundation of his family, his work, and his town, John is missing what he really wants: something—someone—of his own. A family and home that’s his. As he’s gotten older, that need for what’s missing has begun to make cracks in the foundation of his good life.
Katrynn Page has had no such strong foundation of family. The product of an unconventional upbringing, she has learned that love is a wavering, unreliable thing. Working with Bev Pagano at Cover to Cover Books, becoming close friends, Katrynn has spent her years in Quiet Cove as an honorary member of the Pagano family—just close enough to really see all she does not have, has never had. Everything she most wants.
John comes to see that Katrynn is what he’s been missing. Katrynn comes to see that John is exactly what she wants. But a drunken encounter gets them off to a disastrous start, and Katrynn must first find it in herself to forgive John and then learn to trust him, and herself, enough to believe that love can be steadfast. She will have to take a leap of faith.
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Susan Fanetti:  I have an independent author blog and FB page. Here are my author pages at AmazonGoodreads, andSmashwords.

As for personal information, I offer this: I’m a Midwestern native transplanted to California, where I live with my husband, youngest son, and our three cats.

My fanfic penname at FanFiction and AO3 is laughingwarrior, though I’ve pulled my fanfic from those sites. All my fanfic is in the Sons of Anarchy fandom, and it’s all erotic biker romance. Sex and action. I like things messy. You can find it here.

Having done rather a lot of research on MCs and the club life–research far beyond the limits of the SOA ‘verse–and being rather partial to hot, rough men in ink and leather, a lot of my original work remains focused on MC romance, but now I’m writing entirely in a world of my own imagination. My first MC series, the Signal Bend Series, is complete. A second Night Horde series, The Night Horde SoCal, is also complete.

I’ve also now tried my hand at more traditional contemporary romance (with a bit of an Italian ‘family’ story), with The Pagano Family Series. I’ve got a yen to try other genres as well at some point.

I write for the joy of it. I write stories that I want to read, and I’m not interested in rules and formulae. I follow my muse and my characters and let them take me where they want to go, wherever that might be. I like big emotions, dark and light.

I like complicated characters with flaws and weaknesses as well as strengths, and I like each character’s strengths and weaknesses to be different from those of other characters. I’m much more concerned that my characters be interesting and diverse than that they be widely considered to be likable. I try to create people, not types.

Likewise, I want my stories each to be distinct from the others. Once I’ve told a story, I don’t want to tell it again. So even within a series, one of my books might be very different from the next. Some might be quite dark, others equally mild.

That isn’t to say there aren’t trends and recurrences in my work. I’m drawn to certain themes and settings, and my muse has her favorite toys and tools. But I guard against those tendencies becoming a formula.


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