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I read a ton of books!  I can't seem to get enough and my family has decided I may need an intervention.  That said, I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. It's an obsession really. Almost a book a day and sometimes more!   Each new book opens a new world, with interesting people and adventures. My son joked that I should have to do a book report after each one so I could remember the story better if someone asked.  A blog idea was born. 

 My reading life started in elementary school with Little House on the Prairie (I still have the original boxed set!) As I got older, I moved on to Historical Romance and many of the literary classics.  Then I found paranormal!  I could not get to the library fast enough to check out more books (yes, before there were ebooks, I was a library junky!) It is still my go to genre even though I read everything from Contemporary to Dystopian. 

I had a bit of a grown up book reading hiatus when my kids were little -- I can still recite Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!  But because of all the reading we did together, I am blessed with 3 beautiful children who are all voracious bibliophiles.  My husband thinks we are all crazy but loves us anyway!  

I was born and raised in the Midwest and call Wisconsin home.  My children have moved out, but are still close by.  My husband and I have three furry beasts that allow us to share the house with them.  If we are lucky, we may even get to sit on the couch once in awhile! 

My perfect morning is a little rain, a hot cup of tea and a good book.  Some of my favorite authors include: Laura Kaye, Vivian Arend, Scott Hildreth, JK Rowling, Deborah Harkness, Carrie Ann Ryan, Jeanine Frost, Logan Patricks, Susan Fanetti, Kristen Ashley, Kristen Proby, SC Stephens, Jasinda Wilder, Cole McCade and M. Pierce. 


                              Furry Beasts: Daisy, Katja and Thor                      Thor giving a good shake!


  1. We have lots in common. I read tons and always have from being little. My start was things like What Katy Did, Heidi, 101 Dalmatians. I then loved to devour classics. At school I would lock myself if the English Literature stock room just to sort and obsess about the books. Getting my kids (3 like you) to love books was very important to me. I read to them from the moment they were born. I could probably recite Where Going On A Bear Hunt word for word. My boys 10, 12 & 22 are all still at home. I'm in the UK. I will follow your blog with interest.
    Karen x


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