The Butterfly Child (The Butterfly Prophesy Series, book #2)
Author:  Deborah Ann Gordon
Published:  April 22, 2017
Genre: Fantasy, Suspense

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What can a deep and abiding love withstand? When you keep a secret that has the power to bring two worlds together, which are being torn apart by an evil so abominable you cannot call it by name—and you are being hunted—what do you do?

In the second novel of the Butterfly Prophecy Series, Belinda, now a mortal with a secret of her own to protect, sets off in search of her centuries-old protector, Michael, who is in Italy trying to stop Mordecai from destroying the Group of World Servers—the immortal society dedicated to protecting mortals from Mordecai’s evil. Parted from her true love, Damien, who is forced to travel to France with Thomas, Belinda is taken from the Group Estate for her own protection; or is she a prisoner?

The Butterfly Child follows Belinda to her one true destiny where she must finally face a truth that will set her free or will it endanger everything she holds dear—even the greatest love of her life!

"The Group believed in a prophecy—the Butterfly Prophecy—that foretold the birth of an immortal child who would bridge the divide between the mortal and immortal worlds and help mortals and immortals live together in harmony." - Dark Matter: The Secret Revealed

4 Hearts

This is the second book in the fantasy series The Butterfly Prophecy.  It continues right where book one left off.  Belinda has gone through some very enlightening and traumatic events.  Her true love has been whisked away for training and she is harboring a secret that has the immortal community divided.  

Much in the same vein as the first book, this one brings adventure, time travel flashbacks, mystery, deep and abiding love, and completely bada$$ women.  Belinda, though now mortal, is strong and courageous. She is willing to fight and stand up to not only those who wish her harm but to those who love her and want to coddle her.  

The fight scenes are wonderful and so well thought out. There is also this underlying angst that things are not as they seem. It drives the reader forward in hopes of getting resolution.  Many more secrets are revealed and I think I knew in my heart what was going to happen in the story, but I was still pleasantly surprised by where the author took us.  

This is not the end.  Belinda still has a fight on her hands.  The hope is that the immortal and human world can continue to co-exist.  The romantic in me also hopes that Belinda and the love of her heart will be able to be together in the end.  Looking forward to the conclusion of this epic tale! 

*Complimentary copy provided for an honest review.  

Book #1 in the series
Dark Matter: The Secret Revealed

Immortals walk among us, their presence kept quiet by a secret society. Then a powerful force binds the mortal and immortal worlds. The secret is revealed.

Belinda is an immortal who has lived for centuries under the tutelage of Michael, an Old Immortal, dedicated to the healing mission of an immortal order known as the Group of World Servers. When Damien, a mortal, who Belinda has come to love, becomes suspiciously and deathly ill, Belinda learns that the only way she can save him is by giving him emila.

Giving emila is a sacred immortal act that she must discover for herself by travelling back to her origins in the sixth century when she was a mortal. In her past she must face the ruthless Mordecai, a powerful Old Immortal, who seeks to destroy Belinda and all that she loves. 

Fans of the Hobbit, Twilight and historical romance will be intrigued and will not be able to put this fantasy tale down.

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Deborah Ann Gordon is a new novelist who has written prose, poetry and published articles and other works of non-fiction. Dark Matter: The Secret Revealed is her first novel in the Butterfly Prophecy Series. Two new novels, The Butterfly Child and The Prophecy Revealed will be published in 2017. Ms. Gordon lives in Ottawa, Canada with her husband and twin 14-year old girls and Willy, the doodle. She heads a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing health research in Canada and spends her spare time writing and being with her family.


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