Review: So I Married a Highlander

Title:  So I Married a Highlander
Author: Kate McKinley
Published: October 30, 2015
Genre: Historical Romance

A Lady’s Rules of Etiquette When Eloping:

1. A lady should never leave a note behind explaining her intentions.

2. If by chance a note has been left behind, a lady must prepare to be hunted down and the ceremony thwarted.

3. In such a case, seeking consolation with a night of excessive drinking will be tempting, but ill advised.

4. And lastly, a lady must never, under any
circumstances, wake up manacled to a deliciously handsome Highlander.

Lady Evelyn Alexander has managed to break all four rules in the space of an evening—and the tall, virile Highlander she accidentally married is only the beginning. Her fiancĂ© has also mysteriously gone missing and the threat of scandal is hot on their heels…

Alec McAllister has no use for a wife, but when he wakes up entwined with the lovely and spirited Evelyn, he’s willing to reconsider. He’ll help her find her fiancĂ©, but when the passions ignite between them, it’s only a matter of time before the Highlander claims what’s his…

After finishing this little romp, I decided I needed to revisit historical romance.  It was my first love and I haven’t been back for way too long.  Kate Mckinley put together a sassy foray into the Scottish highlands with an uppity English virgin and a rakish Scottish Blacksmith.  This is the second book in the What Happens in Scotland series but can be read as a stand-alone. 

The story starts with Lady Evelyn Alexander and Stephan Crawford trying to usurp the power of her brother, the Duke, by eloping in Scotland.  It is to be a marriage of convenience and power even though Stephan has some questions about his heritage.   But very quickly, things turn messy.  The Blacksmith who can marry them is surly Alec McCallister.  Once he lays eyes on Evelyn, he is done for.  He knows he should stay away from her but can’t help himself. 

So much witty dialogue in this story!  Loved Evelyn’s sass!  Loved that she was able to bring Alec to his knees.  And, hello, hot, muscle bound man in a kilt!  Whew!  Wonderful steamy read.  Great to see a woman of the time period decide that love trumps duty.  I look forward to reading this author again!

*ARC received from the author for an honest review

Kate writes Regency and Fantasy Romance. When she's not staring at her screen, dreaming up delicious heroes, she's a wife, mother and part-time assistant.


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