Review: Fatal Pursuit

Title: Fatal Pursuit
Author: Elisabeth Naughton
Published: July 28, 2015, Montlake Romance
Genre: Romantic Suspense


Five years ago, Aegis Security op manager Marley Addison’s lover died in a South American raid gone horribly wrong…or so she thought. When she receives a phone call telling her that he is still very much alive and in danger, she vows to bring him home safely, even if Aegis CEO and former Navy SEAL Jake Ryder has kept her out of the field for the last few years. Then Jake shows up in Colombia to help her, leaving Marley annoyed…and more than a little distracted by her alarmingly handsome boss.

As things between Marley and Jake heat up in the wilderness, they discover their rescue mission is filled with treachery. Now the domineering Jake has to rely on Marley for survival. But can she depend on him when their mission takes a shocking and deadly turn?

Fatal Pursuit is the pulse-pounding third book in Elisabeth Naughton’s scorching Aegis series.


4.5 Hearts

4.5 Hearts for Jungle Love--It's driving me mad! Making me CRAZY!

I’m a big fan of this series by Elizabeth Naughton! This is the third book in the series centered on the Aegis Security team. I have been waiting to see how the tension between owner Jake Ryder and his assistant Marley Addison was going to pan out. I am so happy the author decided to indulge us early in the series and get that itch taken care of!

Marley was raised in the security business, traveling the world with her father. She knows the ins and outs of setting up an op and making sure all the bases are covered. What she really misses is being in the field to experience the action first hand. She had a falling out with her father 5 years ago when her boyfriend was killed in action in South America. She eventually wandered over to Aegis. Her new boss is not appreciative of her skills in the field. He wants to keep her safe and running things at the home office. I liked Marley’s feisty spirit from the first book. She runs a tight ship. It seems as if she goes off half-cocked, but she does have a plan that included some muscle for back-up.

Jake, however, is an overbearing, sexy as hell, alpha male. He is REALLY not pleased that Marley put herself in danger! I liked that we got to see a bit of his vulnerability and that inner dialogue that battled his true feelings toward Marley. Best part of the book was the time they spent in the jungle. Sharp wit and humorous action. Oh and that ayahuasca—those meddling natives—made for some steamy, hot sexy times! LOVED it! 

Through lots of twists and turns, Jake finally gets his head in the right place. He enjoyed the jungle adventure too as he tells Marley: 

“All I want….the only thing I need, is to make you as happy as you were that night in the jungle when you danced around the fire for me.” 

Awe…puddle of mush right there! I am sure we will see the overbearing, bossy Jake in future books-that’s how he runs a tight ship with his team at Aegis. But, it’s nice to know Marley gets the soft, sexy side. So happy these two ended up together! Loved seeing the rest of the Aegis gang again. Very much looking forward to the next book. I’d kind of like to see Marley’s brother get his HEA. 

*I received and ARC from Netgalley for an honest review

About the Author

Before topping multiple bestseller lists—including those of the New York Times, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal—Elisabeth Naughton taught middle school science. A rabid reader, she soon discovered she had a knack for creating stories with a chemistry of their own. The spark turned into a flame, and Naughton now writes full-time. Besides topping bestseller lists, her books have been nominated for some of the industry’s most prestigious awards, such as the RITA® and Golden Heart Awards from Romance Writers of America, the Australian Romance Reader Awards, and the Golden Leaf Award. When not dreaming up new stories, Naughton can be found spending time with her husband and three children in their western Oregon home. Visit her website at to learn more about her books.


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