Release Blitz: Quick Trick

Title:         Quick Trick 
Author:     Skye Jordan  
Series:         Rough Riders, #1 
Release Date:     September 12, 2016
Category:     Hot Contemporary Romance

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From the New York Times bestselling author who brought you the adrenaline junkie, scorchingly sexy stuntmen of Renegades. Skye Jordan delivers another sizzling series starring her mouthwatering brand of high-octane heroes. 
Introducing the Rough Riders’ Hockey Series. 

Quick Trick -- September 12
Hot Puck -- October 3
Dirty Score -- November 7 
Wild Zone -- December 5

“The intense, tight-knit men of the Rough Riders’ hockey team will win readers over in a heartbeat.” ~Marina Adair, #1 National Bestselling Author 

Infamous Rough Riders’ playboy Grant Saber has been sidelined for a bum shoulder. If he has to be off the ice for three weeks of recovery, he‘ll do it on his back—breaking in a new wanna-be cowgirl every night. But pressure from the team’s owner and Grant’s parents land him in his hometown of Holly, North Carolina instead. Things look up when he learns the hometown beauty who was once so out of his league is now single, and sexier than ever. Determined to slip in a night with her while he’s in town, Grant is shocked to discover one will never be enough.

Faith Nicholas has no interest in the newest Saber-son gossip. After losing her father just months before, she is now on the verge of losing their family hardware store—which is also her home. She couldn’t care less about the Saber’s big money or flashy toys. But she can’t seem to keep Grant out of her store–or her dreams. His magnetic charisma is impossible to ignore, and the longer he stays in town, the more she finds to love about a man who isn’t as superficial as he’d like others to believe.
With a struggling store, four-hundred miles and a rigorous hockey season looming between them, Grant will have to pull out his very best moves if he’s going to make this quick trick last forever.

*Author's note* Previously published as a novella (Home Advantage) in an anthology, this work has never been published independently. It had been rewritten, expanded and overhauled to current Skye Jordan standards...if you know what I mean. *evil grin*


Quick Trick by Skye Jordan Excerpt 1:

But he turned and pushed her up against a wall. Her laughter died, and heat sparked in her eyes. She lifted her hands, pressing them against his chest, but didn’t push him away. He leaned in until their hips met and their thighs brushed. Her breath quickened. Her pupils dilated. And the look on her face… She wanted him just as badly. She just didn’t know how to jump. But Grant couldn’t keep playing this game with her. He didn’t do games at all, yet she’d dragged him into this one. And as enticing as it might be, Grant didn’t have enough time. Or enough patience.
She needed a push.
He slid an arm behind her and drew her in with a forearm at the base of her spine. Her softness pressed against his growing erection, and pleasure washed through the lower half of his body. He moaned softly and rocked against her until she made the same sound. Until her lids grew heavy. Until her fingers curled into his shirt. Until she murmured his name in that voice that said make me come. “Grant…”
“Is this what you want, Faith? If you want me to take control, I will. But if I lead, I’ll do it my way.”
Her gaze jumped from his mouth to his eyes. “What’s… your way?”
For a split second, he considered lying. He thought about telling her what she wanted to hear just to get her into bed. He wanted her that badly. And that reality— more than anything else— pushed a very harsh description from his mouth.
“If I did it my way, I’d do you right here, right now, up against this wall.”
Her breathing picked up. Her eyes sparked with surprise and lust.
“I’d cover your mouth with my hand and drive into you until you snapped in a screaming climax. All while the whole store, the whole fucking town of Holly, was just six inches away. And it would be our sweet little secret.
One you’d think about every time you walked into this room.”

She made a sound in her throat. Her lids dipped. She licked her lips.
“You like that idea,” he said, “don’t you?” And wasn’t that the biggest fucking surprise and the hottest rush?
Her gaze darted away. “I… I don’t know. I can’t think…”

“Then imagine”— he told her, pushing harder, half hoping she shoved him off and walked away, half hoping she told him to take her right then—“ because I talk as dirty as I fight, and I fuck as hard as I play.”
She breathed a moan, and her eyelids slid closed.
But it was the feel of her body softening, of the way she started moving with him, not against him, that finally blocked his ability to think.


Quick Trick by Skye Jordan Excerpt 2:

“I stopped by another store while I was in Ashville.” One of his hands moved lower, pressed between her legs, and closed over her sex.
Shock and excitement twined. She sucked a breath and rocked away from his hand, only to meet with more pressure behind her from his hips… and that iron swell.
“Grant, Dwayne’s going to be home soon.” She glanced around the front yard, to the quiet street and the houses with lights shining in the windows surrounding them. “And we’re in public.”
“Don’t you want to know which store?”
He gripped her sex tighter and all the built-up lust from the last twenty-four hours spilled between her legs. A groan ebbed from Faith’s throat.
“Naughty,” he whispered with wicked glee at her ear. “Bet you didn’t even know it was there. I swear it was like a speakeasy, the front door off an alley and unmarked.”
He clenched and released her sex as he spoke, and within thirty seconds, Faith was dizzy with the same clawing need he’d instilled in her the night before.
Without warning, his hand disappeared from between her legs, and while a minute ago all she’d been able to think about was getting him to stop, now all she could think about was getting his touch back.
The man seriously messed with her mind.
“I want to show you one of the little treats I picked up for you.”
While he reached into his pocket, Faith forced her head clear. She pushed at his arm wrapped around her waist, but he held her in a vise. And the more she moved, the more she rubbed his erection, exciting them both.
“I want to see it,” she told him, “after I’m done with the lights.”
“I can’t wait that long.” He reached around her with the other hand and jerked at the button on her jeans, making her gasp. “And I don’t think you can either.”
“Grant, what in the hell—”
His bare hand pushed against her belly and slid down, down, down. Beneath her panties and deep between her legs. The warmth and pressure combined to swamp Faith with pleasure and lust and a need so rabid, it clawed at her.
She grabbed a rung of the ladder with one hand and curled the fingers of the other around Grant’s wrist. But that didn’t keep her from rocking against his hand as if she had no control over her body. “Ah… my God.” “That’s just the beginning,” he rasped at her ear. He did something with his fingers, kicking off a vibration. “Wh— what—”
He opened his mouth on her neck and pushed his hand deep with a low groan. Something attached to one or two of his fingers vibrated over her sex.
“H-holy—” A wicked and wild pleasure cut off any ability to think. “Oh my God.”
“You can’t wait, can you?” he asked.
She couldn’t answer. The only thing she could focus on was the buzz between her legs making her go cross-eyed.
He stroked circles around and around her opening. Faith’s mouth dropped open, and her breathing grew choppy.
Holy fuck. Holy fuck. Holy fuck. She would have said the words if she’d been able to speak. This level of pleasure was unthinkable until this moment. And just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, just when she saw the horizon of that delicious orgasm she’d been craving for hours, Grant pushed two fingers past her opening and up into her pussy.
Two thick, vibrating fingers.
She cried out in pleasure, in shock, in need.
“Shh, shh…” Grant’s whisper at her ear dragged her back down to earth. “We’re in public, remember?”
Holy shit.
She forced her eyes to focus. The night had grown a little darker, but not dark enough for Faith to be letting him do what he was doing. Nor did she have any intention of stopping him. And just how twisted was that? “Need more room.” The hand at her waist pushed her zipper down and wiggled her jeans lower on her hips. Then he stroked over her ass, down her thigh, and caught her behind the knee. And lifted her foot to the second ladder rung. “There we go…”


Meet Skye Jordan

Skye Jordan is a pseudonym for New York Times bestselling romantic suspense author Joan Swan. Skye’s novels are about enjoying that little wild streak we don’t let out often enough. About those fantasies we rarely get the opportunity to indulge. About stretching limits, checking out the dark side, and maybe even acting a little naughty. They’re about escape and fun and pleasure and romance. And, yes, even love, because while wicked-great sex is good, happily ever after with wicked-great sex is even better.
When she’s not writing, Skye loves to read, knit, craft, row, ride, and dabble in photography.

Happy reading!


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