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So here is the thing about Scott Hildreth.  The man can write!  I don't just mean he has some good stories.  I mean he can give you the FEELS.  I have been all over the board reading his books--everything from tears to wanting to throw my kindle over something a character did or said.  He says he writes Erotica.  And he does write some smoking hot sex scenes.  But deep down, what he writes is about the human condition.  How we treat one another and how we want to be treated.  Whether it's an MC member who never wanted a life long commitment other than his brothers in the club until he meets "the one", or it's a  homeless woman who finds the sense of family she has longed for with two different men.  The bottom line is you will get more than you bargained for reading a Scott Hildreth book.  He is very prolific so go ahead, just pick up one book and see where it takes you.  You'll become obsessed

Obsessing over Author SD (Scott) Hildreth

Scott Hildreth is a very analytical sort who bases his beliefs on statistics he compiles in his head. Often going as long as a month without so much as a single sip of water, he drinks coffee as if it were the lifeblood of his writing. 

Scott fears flying, clowns, and amusement park rides. Tall and lean with a cleanly shaven head and covered in tattoos, he doesn’t blend in well. After reading his writings, this makes perfect sense. His vibrant characters, backstories, and plots, although always relatable, generally stand out as much as he does. 

Willing to discuss matters at length most people shy away from, Scott’s writing has revolved around such subjects as domestic abuse, suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse, cancer, divorce, homosexuality, religion, and lack thereof. 

Born in San Diego, California, Scott now calls Wichita, Kansas his home. He is a proud father, and lives devoted to the love of his life, Jessica. When he isn’t writing, he may be found on his motorcycle or in a local coffee house. 

What draws people to your books?  Why will they become obsessed with you?

I believe my gritty, unfiltered, and often realistic look on life, and the people who live it give my books a certain "feel" that every reader can relate to. My books are not watered down, filled with fluff, or edited for mass production. They're "different".

What Authors do you obsess over and how have they influenced your work?

Currently, I think Lisa Scottoline is tough to beat. Her books leave a mark that just may last a lifetime.

Is there a character that you have written that you obsessed over? Did they become your most or least favorite?
Ryan Capshaw from the novel "The Tortured" stuck with me for a long, long, long time. He is the Hero (if you can call him one) from my first dark novel.

His dastardly side won the war, and I was left holding the bag.

I obsessed over him, but not by decision.

Tell us about some of your OBSESSIONS:

Favorite Hot Beverage: Coffee

Favorite Junk Food: Coffee

Most attractive characteristic in a spouse/partner: Her ability to put up with me.

Favorite Music Genre: Music, in general. From old Motown classics to new alternative. I LOVE MUSIC

Favorite Reading Spot: My Desk

eBook or Paperback: Both

Tattoo or Virgin Skin: Covered head to toe in tattoos

Some Highlights of Scott's Published Work

May 13, 2014

Shane Dekkar is a ruthless boxer and a street fighter with a past he’s trying to forget. He is preparing to fight for the Heavyweight Championship of the World. 

Kace Meadows is in an abusive relationship with a boyfriend she’d like to forget. She is attempting to simply survive. 

Shane Dekkar can’t stand men who abuse women. He administers his own form of justice as he sees necessary. 

Shane and Kace meet by chance one day when she and her boyfriend are in an argument in a public parking lot. 

Shane Dekkar has never been defeated in the boxing ring or in a street fight. 

Call their meeting destiny or call it fate. 

This is their story.


 Unstoppable Unleashed Unbroken


January 27, 2015

No cheating, no sex outside the relationship, no love triangles, and no club whores, HEA, no cliffhanger. 

Determined to remove herself from the rules and regulations of her overbearing religious parents, Avery escapes to college and is determined to make it on her own. Working as a bartender, and mere weeks before her college graduation, she finds herself face to face with thirty members of an Outlaw Motorcycle Club.  

She had no idea when the President of the club walked in she'd go weak in the knees for the gorgeous tattooed biker. 

Axton (aka Slice) is the President of the Selected Sinners MC. At the onset of a huge gun deal with a notorious prison gang, he has no time or desire to have a woman in his life.   Abused by his Hell's Angel father as a child, and wronged by every woman in his past, Axton has one devotion - the MC. 

After finding out he needs Avery's Criminal Justice education and her linguistic skills to assist in making the gun deal a success, Axton reluctantly approaches her to act as his interpreter. 

Hoping to win Axton over, Avery attempts to turn off her smart mouth, turn on her charm, and become his woman of interest; even if it means sacrificing a level of independence she's grown accustomed to. 

But when the gun deal goes to hell in an hand basket, both Avery and Axton are left wondering what their next move may be. 

NOTE TO READERS* This book is a stand-alone love story and the first book of a series. No other book is required to tell THIS tale. It does have graphic violence, explicit language, sexual situations, and the intricacies of being in an Outlaw Motorcycle Club depicted. All sexual partners in this MC Erotic Romance are over the age of 18. Stand alone love story.HEA. No cliff hanger. 


  Otis Hung EX-CON Money Shot

Bodies, Ink and Steel Series

September 20, 2015

Riley Campbell is no stranger to loss. After losing her father in a car accident at a young age, she decides to forfeit the relationship she has with her mother and move in with an older man at the age of 17. Four years later, after ending the relationship due to being physically abused, she feels the need for a celebratory tattoo; her first of what she expects to be many. Her expectations of the parlor, the artist, and the process are pretty weak as she walks in.

Upon entering, she's pleasantly surprised.

Covered in tattoos, handsome, mysterious, and muscular, Blake West is not at all what Riley expected to find, but exactly what she feels she needs.

Blake is the mysterious owner of Blurred Lines, a tattoo parlor that not only has provided him with a steady income, but in the past supplied a constant stream of women into his life. Now, however, things for him are much different. Blake is a recovering sex addict, and is focusing on being faithful. Details of his sordid past, however, are sketchy at best.

As he begins the process of tattooing her for the first time, Riley feels an almost addiction to the process, the feeling of being tattooed, the ink on her skin, and ultimately, Blake.

As the tattooing of Riley continues, so does her knowledge of Blake. Life-long secrets unveil themselves, and as they do, she realizes not only how much they are alike, but the truth surrounding her father's death.

"Everyone has secrets; revealing them is simply a matter of finding out where to dig."

AUTHORS NOTE: HEA, stand-alone, no cheating, no sex outside the relationship.




April 24, 2015

We aren't limited on how many children we love, or to the love of only one parent. Has society programmed us to believe we should only love one partner? What if our heart fell deeply for two people? 

Rain Bauer has had an awful life. After living with her abusive stepfather for 15 years, she finally develops the courage to leave at 18. Now 22 and homeless, she yearns for change in her life. As a young girl, she hoped for a prince, white horse, and a HEA, but it never came. 

While sitting on a park bench contemplating change, her prince comes not on a white horse, but a Harley-Davidson. 

Ethan Hawthorne is a 32 year old Harley riding tattooed hunk. After inviting her to his apartment for dinner, Rain learns Ethan and his roommate Cade are loving, caring, kind, and compassionate. 

When she is invited to stay the night and wait out a terrible storm, the changes she has been hoping for begin to unfold...

But is she ready for what life is going to toss her way?

"I had always hoped one day love would call my name; and when it did, I’d be able to answer. I had no idea the call would come from two different directions at the same time." - Rain

 Baby Girl Series

3 Books
March 21, 2104

*WARNING* Mature adults only. This is NOT romance, this is Dominance, submission, and sex. It is graphic, and it is accurate.

Erik Ead is a 36 year old psychiatrist that doesn't practice after the death of his mother. he's muscular, dominant, and rides in a Motorcycle Club. When he meets Kelli, a 22 year old daughter of the local BMW dealership, he immediately wants to make her his sexual interest.

Erik doesn't do relationships. Neither does Kelli. After agreeing to a summer long sex only relationship, eventually, they receive what they never would have guessed.


Prepare for the most accurate, no glamorization, unfiltered look at a true D/s relationship that you'll ever read. Baby Girl is unlike any other book in the genre. Written by a male who lives the lifestyle, this book will make you think, feel, and second guess whatever it is that you have regarding a relationship.


 Baby Girl: Owned Baby Girl: Loved

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  Broken People


Finding Parker

Scott's other novels include:  
 To the Depths of Hell, The Alpha-Bet,
 Confessions of a Smut Author, When It All Began: A Jessie Jayne Novella

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