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It's that time of year again.  Time to look over all the wonderful books that have touched our lives in the past year.  I find that I just can't narrow down my list to a top 10.  In all reality, I read close to 400 books in a year so to pick just ten I like seems to not be fair to some really great stories.  A LOT of those books I really liked.  To get to this list, though, the book had to give me something more--more feels, more mind games, unexpected story lines.....more.  

So here is my best 17-ish books of 2016.  Some are stand alone and some are series. All of them are 5 or 5++ Heart reads.  Be sure to show all these authors some love for all their hard work.  In no particular order:

Written in the Scars
by Adriana Locke

This book brought so many emotions out of me, there is no way I could pass this one one my best of.  Perhaps it is because it is written so realistically--no insta-love or perfect relationships here.  Perhaps it is because I found in the main characters flaws and human emotions that many couples sort through as their relationships grow and change.  Perhaps it is just a damn good book!  Grab some tissues, grab the book---enjoy! 

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Ginger's Heart
By Katy Regnery

This book was my first read by this author.  I quickly bought up the rest of this series. Each one brings a twist not only on a familiar fairy tale but also on the reader's expectations as to the outcome of the story.  
This one made my list not only because it was a 5 Heart read but also because it introduced me to a new to me author and I am forever grateful for that.  

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Soulless and The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater---KING series books 4 and 5
By TM Frazier

This series----GAH!  Each book is better than the next!  Having said that, they do need to be read in order.  Two epic books published this year by this author (she also published a side story, All the Rage!)  Start at the beginning but when you get to the conclusion to Bear's story--SOULLESS and the first book of Preppy's story, you will be thanking me for introducing you to these two men!   

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Preppy, book #1

Midnight Lily
By Mia Sheridan

I am still not sure how to put into words what this book was about.  You have to read it to try to understand.  Mind completely blown!  From the author: Midnight Lily is the haunting love story of two lost souls reaching for each other in the dark. A tale of healing, acceptance, and the worlds we create to protect our own hearts. It is a story of being lost, of being found, and of being in the place between.     From my review:  Read this one. You won't know what you think you know. But you will walk away changed. 

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Rushing the Goal and Face Off at the Altar
By Toni Aleo

I had RUSHING THE GOAL on my favorites list for the year--single parent, hot but humble hockey player, bringing together the Assassin's and Bullies series.  LOVED it!  And then Toni throws in FACE-OFF right at year end and I knew I had to include both!  I am a huge fan of an epilogue.  I devour them!  This book is not only the continuing story of Lucy and Benji but then she gives us MORE!  All the Sinclair's!  AND we get MeKena and Markus's do-over as well.  You can read them as stand alones but you will enjoy these two back to back regardless of the rest of the series.  

My Review Rushing the Goal

Nolan, Return to Signal Bend
By Susan Fanetti

I noticed I have put a lot of series ending books on my list this year.  I think it speaks to the author's ability to grab the reader and let us become invested in the characters.  This book is no exception.  The author has brought us two factions of the Horde over the series and this book brings everything back home again to where is all began.  Joyous and tearful and a bit of suspense.  Perfect ending for a great bunch of brothers.  

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Hard, Filthy F*ckers MC
By Scott Hildreth

This author is so prolific, he actual put out four 5 Heart reads for me this year.  This one stood out for me above the others.  Scott always allows his characters time to give us some commentary on life.  In this book of rough around the edges 1% MC guys, he gives us respect, tolerance and justice.  Enjoy the book. Listen to the words. Be the change you wish to see in the world. 

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Scott's other Awesome 5 Heart releases this year:  Hard Corps, F*ck Buddy, and The Gun Runner

Twelve Truths and a Lie
By Christina Lee

Christina put out 5 novels and a novella this year and every last one of them was a five Heart read for me!  I have read EVERYTHING she has written.  Her works are some of my all time favorite.  So when I tell you that this book hit all the feels for me, know that there isn't a bad book on her bookshelf.  This one is just that much MORE! Contemporary romance with a wonderful message.  Grab this one!  

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Check out her other 5 Heart reads from 2016 as well:  Touch the Sky, Chase the Sun, The Hardest Fall, Three Sacred Words and the novella The Sweetest Goodbye.

Scarlet Stone
By Jewel E. Ann

This author also continues to put out books that will blow you away.  More than once in this story I found myself with my jaw hanging open in awe at the crazy ride Jewel takes readers on. Grab this one. Expect the unexpected.  Go along for the ride and enjoy the words that flow from the mind of Scarlet Stone. 

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The Retrieval Duet
By Aly Martinez

My summary of my review on Book One: Here is how I know this is a 5 star read.....I slept for crap last night after I finished.  The book hangover has set in.  My brain would NOT shut down.  You can read the blurb.  You might think you know what is going to happen.  I can guarantee you will feel all kinds of emotion about Rome and Lissy and Clare and Walt.  But you will not be prepared for the route this story goes. 

And Book Two: The story is unique, well written, twisted and heart wrenching. The series is now complete. Read both books--you won't be able to put them down.

Words aren't enough. Excellent!

27 Truths  and  27 Lies, The Truth About Love Duet
by MJ Fields

These two books are a spin off or future timeline stories from a previous series by this author.  If you have read the other books, perhaps the tale will mean more to you.  If you haven’t, I know you will be moved by the passion of the story.  What makes a book stand out in my mind, is whether or not it moves some emotion in me.  Does it cause me to think just a bit differently?  These two books are that and more.  Most importantly, you will feel LOVE.  

27 Truths Review

27 Lies Review

Wicked Bond, Wicked Horse #5
By Sawyer Bennett

5 Hearts doesn't really even cut it for this one.  The story was so much more than I was even hoping for.  It can be read as a stand alone but this is Bridger's story.  He has played a vital role in all the stories throughout the series and to best understand the man he becomes in this story, you will want to see him as his friends do in the previous books. Another book that is an excellent end to a fantastic series!  

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One Second,  Seven Series  #7
By Dannika Dark

Paranormal Romance is my first true love.  I didn't read enough of it this year and I hope to change that for 2017.  This book is another series ender.  The books need to be read in order as the timeline moves the series forward.  This was just a perfect wrap up to all the previous books.  So much love and support in this one.  Through thick and thin, through violence and threat--family will sustain you.  

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The Baller
By Vi Keeland

This book broke all my rules about sports romances.  I like my sports book to contain some sports action.  This one doesn't and I absolutely LOVED it!  The leads meet because of his NFL status but the book is about so much more than a jock and a reporter.  Be prepared for something really different that your typical sports stories.  Really strong heroine in this one and it makes the chase so much more worth it!  

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By Katy Evans

Another series ender I absolutely loved this year.  Katy Evans hasn't written a bad book yet.  It all started with Remy and so it seemed only fitting that the finale should focus on Remy as well.  But wait!  Maverick might just make you forget about Remmington Tate.....well, almost.  Here is what makes this story soar. It’s about the development of a man. What is it---blood ties, environment, mentors, love—that makes us who we are? What erases the darkness so that we can see the light? In this story we not only get to see Maverick come to self-actualization but we also get to see Remy in his finest. Perfection! 

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The Dartmoor Series
By Lauren Gilley

I have developed many cyber friendships through reading and blogging.  This series right here.....totally the fault of a fellow blogger who would not shut up about the awesomeness of this author and the characters she brings to life.  So here I am, bothering you to pick up this series.  Go grab it! Discover Lauren Gilley.  The first book is an epic tome.  You will need to set a timer for bathroom breaks because you WILL NOT be able to put it down!  It is a family saga written at it's best.  And it is a set of gritty MC brothers at it's worst.  You will fall in love with the Lean Dogs MC.  You will never forget the passion of Mercy and Ava. You will count your pennies until you can buy the next book.  

The first book did not come out in 2016 but I read it earlier this year and then jumped into everything that came after. There is a reason the WHOLE series so far made my list.  Do not miss this one! 

Fearless: Available for: Kindle / Nook / Amazon paperback / B&N paperback

The rest of the series so far:



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