Review: Dark Matter The Secret Revealed

Title: Dark Matter: The Secret Revealed, Butterfly Prophecy Series
Author: Deborah Ann Gordon
Published: December 6, 2015   Indie
Genre: Fantasy

Belinda Benson lives in Coriander, New Hampshire, a small town on the eastern seaboard, with her adopted family, Kevin and Sheila Benson and their 13-year old daughter, Rhea. Belinda seems like a normal, intelligent and attractive 18-year old who is about to graduate from high school until disaster strikes the town in the form of a life-threatening viral outbreak that claims the lives of several of the town's inhabitants and causes 18-year old Damien Garant, Belinda's new love, to fall dangerously ill. Luckily for young Damien, Belinda is not who she appears to be, but an immortal with healing powers who has lived for many centuries. 

To save Damien, Belinda must discover emila by travelling to her origins in the sixth century where she was Lady Cerridwen, a mortal High Priestess of the Isle of the Mists in what is now modern-day Isle of Man. As Belinda and Lady Cerridwen come to terms with sharing one mind and one body, Belinda must reconcile Lady Cerridwen's deep and abiding love for Sir Gareth, a powerful Knight in King William's Court, when she is in love with another man in their future and is trying to discover emila to save him in a race against time. 

Belinda must also come to terms with her relationship with Michael, the Old Immortal, who has been her protector and her teacher for as along as she can remember. It is Michael who gives Belinda the elixir that allows her to journey to her past. Michael has loved her like a sister, a daughter and as Belinda discovers from their old friend, Thomas, as a lover in waiting... Their steadfast centuries-old bond is tested, and in this first novel of the trilogy both immortals must begin to face their true feelings for each other as Belinda 's secret is revealed--the Butterfly Prophecy has come true posing a threat to the established Group of World Servers, but making a promise to heal human and immortal suffering and building a bridge between the two worlds that will advance human science, inform immortal practice and deliver Belinda into the arms of the one man she has always loved.

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 I was intrigued by the synopsis to this story and jumped right in to this fantasy tale.  It hits all the elements of a fantasy suspense story:  Immortals, humans, evil doers, time travel, secrets, brave knights, High Priestess, and unwavering love.  The author spins a tale that reminded me of Deborah Harkness’ Discovery of Witches series.  The world building was well done.  There has been great care given to the accuracy of the time travel.  Lovers of historical romance will be happy to see the intrigue in the court of the King.  The traditions of the druids and pagan religions in England at the birth of Christianity are well represented. 

The focus of the story is on Belinda, a modern day immortal with no memory of her life prior to becoming immortal.  She has been guided in her immortal life by her mentor Michael.  She feels a deep connection to her current boyfriend, Damien.   As the story unfolds, it becomes more apparent that their connection may be centuries old.  Although she is hundreds of years old, this is a coming of age story for Belinda.  She is destined to be the catalyst in bridging the human and mortal world and doing so peacefully.   Belinda is a strong heroine full of great compassion.  There are many roadblocks to come.  The danger they face is still unpredictable.  I have no doubt that Belinda and her band of Immortals will ultimately prevail. 

Ms. Gordon is a newly published author.  Please give her a shot.  The story is well written.  There is a lot of ground laying happening in this book along with a fair amount of clues that the reader will need to pay attention to.   This book is heavy in historical fiction, but as the trilogy progresses, I assume we will see events taking place in modern times.  A refreshing new voice in the fantasy genre.

*Copy of book provided by the author for an honest review.  

"We were now at the point in a conversation we had had on many occasions where Michael would remind me of my vows to the Group of World Servers—a secret society of immortal healers dedicated to ending human suffering by helping humans learn how to heal themselves." Dark Matter: The Secret Revealed 

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