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Dolce, the newest stand alone to the Love at Center Court Series is NOW LIVE!


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“Who just stole my thunder across the Hafton airwaves, you ask? Right now, right this very second, listeners, I have Hafton’s one-and-only, the main man with the ball in hand, Blane Steele is in the studio. Mark my words—he’ll not only steal the ball, but your lady’s heart too. Watch out, gentlemen, the Stealer is in the house!”
— Sonny Be Knocking Boots, Hafton Radio 96.9

Coed antics.
Angst-ridden twists in fate.

Caterina is an intern. Sonny is her shock-jock boss. And Blane is a good-hearted baller…except when he steps on the court. Between on-air dares, an evil feminist professor, a straight-shooter of a coach, and rumors from the league surrounding Steele, these three are destined to screw it all up.

Rather than a love triangle, this is a friends-to-lovers story where the disc jockey acts as the catalyst, and a basketball player finds his life transformed when center court intersects with love.

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“I’m not doing anything. I’m hanging with a friend.”
Almost instantly, the spark winked out in her eyes. “What?”
Most girls would have bitten their tongue off rather than respond to the friend comment, but not Cate.
She glared at me. “You’re making my head hurt. You’re nice, and we’re friends. Then you wrap your arm around me, hug me tight, chat about porn, and ask me out for a drink, which seems like more than friends. And now we’re back to being friends again.”
“It’s complicated, like you said, with Sonny and the radio station. I’ve never done this before, actually liked someone or been intrigued. Whatever this is.”
“Well, I guess there’s a first time for everything.”
“It’s fucking just my luck, you know,” I said, shaking my head sadly. “I meet someone like you when Sonny throws down the gauntlet, and I can’t mess up because I’ve got Coach breathing down my neck. Everyone’s watching me. It’s been all eyes on deck since last season, when I decided to finish school before I go pro, and do what’s right. I must be jinxed or some shit.”
“Exactly,” Cate said firmly. “I may be all ‘I am woman, hear me roar,’ but I’m not about to trash your career over a silly friendship. You do what you need to do.”
She stood on her tiptoes, grabbed my shoulders, and placed a quick kiss on my cheek. “Take care of yourself, Blane. See you around. Thanks for walking me.”

This is Rachel Blaufeld’s second book in the Love at Center Court series.  It is a stand-alone sports romance novel told in dual POV.  I have read Rachel’s Crossroad Series and was looking forward to something a little different from her.  This book follows a ficticious college basketball team and their NBA destined star, Blane Steele. 
Blane is in his senior year at Hafton and has taken advantage of all the perks afforded his superstar status.  Women flock to him.  He expects to focus on his game, getting laid when he can and earning the championship.  That is until a radio station intern happens to fall into his on air interview and gets caught up in a bet the disc jockey lays on him.  The women studies major and secret sports fan, Catarina, spends a chunk of the book not feeling worthy of any attention, must less the advances of Blane.  She seems willing to stand up for other women but has low self-esteem when it comes to anyone finding an interest in her.

This is a NA book and is filled with typical college pranks, parties and potty mouths.  The book has a nice mix of humor and romance.  It was nice to see Catie get her backbone as the book progressed.  She kept her foul mouth but was eventually able to stand up for what she believed in. Blane was absolutely wonderful.  Once he decided Catie was meant to be his, he became the perfect Southern gentleman. She was the first person he saw himself in a committed relationship with and tried very hard to convince her they were meant to be.  After a rough “first time”, they are able to move on and eventual can’t keep their hands off each other. 

There is some angst and drama near the end of the book.  Eventually we get an HEA and a very sweet epilogue.  Basketball is not my thing, typically, but I did enjoy this book.  I look forward to reading more by this author. 
*ARC received for an honest review.    
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Rachel Blaufeld is a social worker/entrepreneur/blogger turned author. Fearless about sharing her opinion, Rachel captured the ear of stay-at-home and working moms on her blog,BacknGrooveMom, chronicling her adventures in parenting tweens and inventing a product, often at the same time. She has also blogged for The Huffington Post, Modern Mom, and StartupNation.

Turning her focus on her sometimes wild-and-crazy creative side, it only took Rachel two decades to do exactly what she wanted to do—write a fiction novel. Now she spends way too many hours in local coffee shops plotting her ideas. Her tales may all come with a side of angst and naughtiness, but end lusciously.

Rachel lives around the corner from her childhood home in Pennsylvania with her family and two dogs. Her obsessions include running, coffee, icing-filled doughnuts, anti-heroes, and mighty fine epilogues.

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