Review: Bayou Heat Michel and Striker

Title: Bayou Heat 15/16
Authors: Laura Wright and Alexandra Ivy
Published: 6-9-15, inde
Genre: Paranormal

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Books 15&16 of the USA Today Bestselling series! 

Michel doesn’t trust Dr. Chelsea Young. Why should he? She willingly worked as a researcher for the humans who were using Pantera as lab animals. Unfortunately, his suspicions haven’t kept his cat from becoming obsessed with the need to possess the beautiful female. 

Chelsea is determined to atone for her youthful mistakes. Even if that means working with the aggravating Michel who refuses to believe she now wants to help the Pantera. Together they must overcome their mutual animosity to track down her former boss, Stanton Locke, before he can commit the ultimate betrayal. 

Dark, damaged and definitely gorgeous, Striker is all about the mission. And when the mission’s over? The Hunter is out of there. That is, until one of Locke’s lab rats is forced on him—a beautiful, pained female who needs sex to survive. 

The lovely Twelve was abducted and taken to the labs several years ago. Used for breeding, she was given drugs that make her irresistible to males. It was a hellish, lonely life. But she’s free now, and determined to discover the truth about her past. If only the road to that truth didn’t involve the heartless male she can’t stop herself from wanting. 


The Bayou Heat series continues with Michel by Alexandra Ivy.  The series follows a group of panther shifters in Louisiana and their struggle to continue to exist alongside the human world.  Previous stories have focused on a group on scientists doing illegal experiments on the panthers.  They are led by a man called Locke.  The colony continues to try and find out where Locke is and what secrets he continues to keep about the Pantera. Locke’s assistant, Chelsea, turned herself in and willingly handed over what information she had about the genetic testing happening in the various labs.  Michel is a Suit but presents more like a Hunter.  He is stealthy and will do anything to protect the colony.  He doesn’t trust Chelsea and readily lets her know how far down the totem pole she is to him.  I love when those Pantera males think they know it all until that mating instinct kicks in.  Michel could not tear himself away from Chelsea as much as he tried to distance himself.  When sparks fly, they both realize that they are meant to be together. 

Striker, by Laura Wright is perhaps one of my top two Pantera so far.  He is all about duty and obligation and because he has been so trampled by love in the past, he pushes his heart way out of the way.  The rescued Pantera lab experiments are proving to be an interesting mix of abilities and levels of psychological damage.  Striker is tasked with helping “Twelve” regain her mind.  The story is a wonderful dual POV with a glimpse into the disturbed mind of someone who was tortured.  I loved Striker in this story because he initially doesn’t see his value on a personal level to anyone.  He does his job and nothing more.  It takes a damaged female to make him realize he is worth more. 

The danger continues to escalate in the series.  I’m not sure how many more books are coming but I have a feeling the Pantera are close to shutting down the Master for good. 

*An ARC was received from the author for an honest review.

About the Authors

Alexandra Ivy
I began my career in 2000 under the name Debbie Raleigh, writing traditional regencies and now as Deborah Raleigh writing regency historicals. 

Moving to paranormals has been a dream since I watched my first episode of Buffy. I hope everyone enjoys the Guardians of Eternity series.

Laura Wright
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Laura Wright is passionate about romantic fiction. Though she has spent most of her life immersed in acting, singing and competitive ballroom dancing, when she found the world of writing and books and endless cups of coffee she knew she was home. Laura is the author of the bestselling Mark of the Vampire series and the USA Today bestselling series, Bayou Heat, which she co-authors with Alexandra Ivy.

Laura lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two young children and th
ree loveable dogs.


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