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Scott Hildreth is a very analytical sort who bases his beliefs on statistics he compiles in his head. Often going as long as a month without so much as a single sip of water, he drinks coffee as if it were the lifeblood of his writing. 

Scott fears flying, clowns, and amusement park rides. Tall and lean with a cleanly shaven head and covered in tattoos, he doesn’t blend in well. After reading his writings, this makes perfect sense. His vibrant characters, backstories, and plots, although always relatable, generally stand out as much as he does. 

Willing to discuss matters at length most people shy away from, Scott’s writing has revolved around such subjects as domestic abuse, suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse, cancer, divorce, homosexuality, religion, and lack thereof. 

Born in San Diego, California, Scott now calls Wichita, Kansas his home. He is a proud father, and lives devoted to the love of his life, Jessica. When he isn’t writing, he may be found on his motorcycle or in a local coffee house. 

More about Scott......

What I like:

My wife. Riding my Harley-Davidson everywhere I go. Making a difference. 
Books that make me cross my legs so I
don't pee when I really need to - but hate to walk away from the book
 (I'm weird about objects in the bathroom).
Bracelets. Oh, and I have a WEAKNESS for watches. Noodles. My kids. 
Writing a story of absolute freaking lies and having people pay to read it. Cats. 
Great E-cig flavors. Watching drunk people be idiotic.
 Coffee. Driving longdistances. Throwing random shit at public trash receptacles. Going to the movies. Remote Islands. Ratty-assed tee shirts. Seeing people smile. Love. Giving shit away as long as it's not money. The nanosecond before I fall asleep.
Family. Coffee. Hummus. Being tattooed. Eating various spicy foods. Looking over the edge of a very high object. The thought of jumping off of aforementioned very 
high object and bouncing back up (but I'm not made of rubber, so I wont jump).
SHOPPING. Weighing myself. 
Reading a review and having said reviewer say my book made them think.
Watching people ride roller coasters. Old sneakers. Coffee.


Carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns.


Body hair. Clowns. Cable TV. Flying in airplanes. People who aren't able to express 
their TRUE feelings in a manner other than screaming. Drugs. Screaming. People who hate. People who categorize all others based on "x". New shoes.  Huge crowds. 
Car keys in my pockets. Dog shit on my shoes. Roller coasters. Riding in a car. People who are cruel to animals, kids, and the elderly. My eyebrows. Alcohol. Television. 
Eating fish with skin on one side.

Highlights of Scott's Published Work


Making the Cut
Taking the Heat



Scott's other novels include:  
 To the Depths of Hell, The Alpha-Bet,
 Confessions of a Smut Author, When It All Began: A Jessie Jayne Novella

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