Review: Insatiable 2

Title: Insatiable, Book 2
Author: JD Hawkins
Published: May 18, 2015,  self pub
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic

4 hearts


It was supposed to be simple: I teach her a crash course in pleasure. No commitment. No strings.
Now she’s found the perfect guy — and it’s not me. 

I should move on, but I need her. And I never back down from a fight. 

Now I've got one last lesson for her: 
I’m going to make her mine. 


This novella continues the story of Jax and Lizzie from Insatiable 1.  Jax has coached Lizzie in the fine art of sensuality and seduction as per her request, only to have it backfire and Lizzie meets someone she wants to have a go with. 

Jax finds himself in unfamiliar territory.   He is used to women falling at him, having his pick of lovelies any day of the week.  His manwhore card is getting trumped by a spitfire named Lizzie and he finds himself completely without his mojo.  He continues to be cordial and polite to Lizzie while trying to rack his brain about how to make things right between them.  Of course he takes the sneaky way at first instead of being up front with Lizzie.  His advice on dating and keeping her man is priceless! 

This book is full of the quick wit and clean writing from book 1.  Being an inner geek myself, one of my favorite lines happens when Jax is showing Lizzie the mansion she can use for her charity event.

“It’s huge!  Even from the outside it doesn’t look this big!  It’s like a Tardis!”

Jax shoots me a knitted brow and a sideways glance.  “What’s a Tardis?”

“Dr. Who?”

Jax shakes his head.

“Ok, I get it,” I say, “you’re too cool for the reference.” 

(I may have even snorted at that interaction between the two!)

I liked that Jax becomes more human before our eyes.  He is still sexy as sin but does some self-reflection and becomes the man that Lizzie needs to make her heart complete.  Of course the reader understands that Jax has fallen in love with Lizzie but it takes him a bit of the book and some hilarious failed attempts with other women to have it hit home for him. 

My only complaint about book 1 was that it was so short.  This half is also short but helps to put the icing on the cake that is Jax and Lizzie.  Buy both books together.  You won’t want to wait to get into the second part.  Wonderful start for this new author!  Clean, crisp writing.  Nice balance of humor, inner dialogue, and steamy sex.  I look forward to his next endeavor!  

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About the Author

I'm a new erotic author from LA. I grew up in Southern California and now live with my wife in Venice.. I've also lived in NYC, India and Thailand. I love to travel and have been to Central America, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. I have a boring corporate day job where I cover people's asses for a living and am hoping to leave this world soon and make a living doing the thing I love - writing. I enjoy surfing and I'm also a martial artist, my other main passion, which I practice since the age of 5.


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