Review: CATCH ME

Catch Me (The Donovan Family Book 9)  

by Margaret Watson

Published March 31, 2017 by Dragonfly Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Sports

When Chicago Bearcats baseball player Sam Marini witnesses a brutal confrontation outside a bar, he can’t help the victim. So he does the next best thing – shoots a video of the attack.

He assumes he'll hand it over and be done with the case. But when the investigating detective is Julia Carleton, a woman he'd met at his sister's wedding, he can’t walk away. Julia, however, hides dark secrets, and can't get involved with Sam.

As they work together to ensure justice, their simmering attraction heats to combustion. But the father of the attacker is a wealthy, powerful man who doesn't like to lose. When Dean Kirby grows more and more desperate to protect his son, the threats against Sam and Julia escalate.

Julia vows to protect Sam, but can she keep her heart safe? Choosing him means risking the job that means everything to her.

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4.5 Hearts

Margaret Watson brings another home run with this latest installment of her Donovan series.  This book has Pro Baseball star Sam Marini stepping up to be a good citizen and getting caught in a deadly scheme to blackmail him out of his testimony.  We have seen Sam in the background as baby brother to both Cilla and Livvy.  Finally we get to see the whole man!

Julia Carleton works with the Donovan's and Cilla as part of the Chicago PD.  She originally is assigned to keep and eye on Sam.  The problem is, they have already locked lips at Sam's sister's wedding and neither one can forget that.  As we all know, trying to keep things a secret often blows up in your face.  These two hold one despite the odds and eventually take out the bad guys.

I have fallen in love with this whole series.  I've liked every book.  But this time, Margaret brings in a bit of sports romance to her romantic suspense.  Gah!  Loved seeing Sam play and all the hype around Chicago baseball.  Just a perfect spring read for me.

You can read this as a stand alone but it's a whole lot more fun to understand the family dynamics by picking up the whole series.  Give it a shot!

*Complimentary copy provided for an honest review.

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