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River Ryan is used to getting his way. Girls, parties, drugs... As the lead singer of Deadly Intent, he's got the rockstar lifestyle down pat.  But when journalist, Harper James, shows up to follow the band around for an article, River just sees her as another groupie. Little does he know, Harper is actually a spy for the label, and they want him out. 

An unlikely love story about love on the road and how two people who couldn't be more different actually fit together perfectly.

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3.5 Hearts

This is the first of Marie York’s Deadly Intent series.  Deadly Intent is a rock band and this book is about lead singer River Ryan.  All of the band members have been living the life—booze, groupies, drugs, paparazzi. River is probably the worst of the bunch.  But, for all the fame, he wants to keep his private life private.

Along comes Harper James.  She is a journalist set upon getting all the inside scoop on Deadly Intent.  But, she battles her own demons that she hides behind a tough exterior.  She is not about to let an arrogant rocker get under her skin.

The band sets out on tour and River does his best to stay on the straight and narrow and out of Harper’s crosshairs.  This is a quick moving book.  A lot happens in a short amount of time.  I found myself wishing there was about 20 more pages.  Harper and River have quite a bit of animosity for the first half of the book.  I would have liked to have seen a slower build to their relationship. It wasn’t insta-love for them but they went from throwing daggers at each other to making out without much conversation in between.  I wanted to feel how their feelings toward each other had changed.
This was my first read of this author.  I do like her writing style and her approach to character development.  I am interested in seeing where she goes with this series.  Not a bad read.

·        An ARC of this title was received in exchange for an honest review. 

Marie York is an American

writer who works the corporate circuit by day but come nightfall

transforms into a steamy writer. She loves the city life and a good



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