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From the author of All of You and Before You Break comes a new Between Breaths male/male romance about the silent, inked up skateboarder and the tattoo artist who unravels him piece by piece...

Tattoo artist Cory Easton has worked long enough at Raw Ink to know, just by looking at a dude, what his body art reveals, what makes him tick, what even makes him scared. Until he meets the quiet and remote Jude York--so unreadable, so unreachable, and so unlike anyone else, he can't help but arouse Cory's curiosity.

As captivating and complex as his ink, Jude is a mystery--and Cory's falling fast and hard under his spell. Against his better judgment to steer clear.

The rumors of Jude's past overshadow him--whispers of prison and an unmentionable secret that's kept him in the protective shadows of a local motorcycle club. As Cory probes deeper, he wonders how much he really wants to know. Especially since Jude has awakened something inside him that has been buried too long--and has him feeling completely alive for the first time in forever...

Includes a preview of Christina Lee's upcoming adult romance Two of Hearts.


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Title: There You Stand
Author: Christina Lee
Published: 4-21-15,   Penguin Group, LLC 
Genre: M/M, Contemporary

       5 hearts 

This book is the 5th in Christina Lee’s Between Breaths series.  The series follows college students and their friends through finding their HEA.  Although we do see characters from the previous books, the book can be read as a standalone.  In There You Stand, we meet Cory and Jude.  Neither are really ready or looking for a relationship but both are drawn to each other. 

This is an M/M book and if you have not tried this genre before, I recommend it as a first try for readers.  I was completely hooked from the dedication on.  As the author so beautifully wrote: … is simply, beautifully, and unapologetically—love……    Cory and Jude’s story is a love story, pure and simple.  If you are a lover of romance novels, then come and fall in love with these two wonderful characters.

Cory—dog lover, tattoo artist, friend, likes community service, talks constantly, and dotes on his grandma. He is trying to fill in the spaces that his last relationship has left so empty in his heart and mind. The story is told from Cory’s POV. 

Jude--- British, tattooed skater, mysterious, deathly quiet, dog whisperer, and secret keeper.  Jude is clearly hiding who he really is.  He fights his attraction to Cory and tries to push him away.

Oh, and both guys…. smoking hot!  The sexual tension in this book is off the charts!  Until these two finally give way to their needs, the book pages are sizzling with unfulfilled wants.  You can feel Cory slowly peeling back the onion skins that make up the layers Jude has built up for protection.  They become friends and then build on that friendship and find themselves truly in love for the first time in their lives.

Jude: “I was thinking that since my mum was killed, I haven’t belonged anywhere.  To anyone…..And there you stand.  Like the keeper of all of my dreams.  And suddenly there’s someplace I desperately want to belong.”

There is some tension and suspense around Jude’s past.  It ends up being secondary to the love story in the book.  I look forward to more books by this author.  I have yet to be disappointed in her story telling! 

Author Information
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Mother, wife, reader, dreamer. Christina lives in the Midwest with her husband and son--her two favorite guys.

She's addicted to lip gloss and salted caramel everything. She believes in true love and kissing, so writing romance novels has become a dream job.

Author of the Between Breaths series from Penguin. ALL OF YOU, BEFORE YOU BREAK, WHISPER TO ME and PROMISE ME THIS available now. Book five in the series, THERE YOU STAND, coming in April, 2015.

Also, her Adult Contemporary Romance, TWO OF HEARTS is releasing on May 5th, 2015.


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