Review: See Me

Title:  See Me (Donovan Family #8)
Author: Margaret Watson
Published:  July 19, 2016, Dragonfly Press
Genre: Romantic Suspense

When single mother Gabriella Stefano arrives home from work, she's shocked to find her ex-husband waiting for her in her kitchen. He's supposed to be in prison. 

Gaby manages to call 911 and escape, but she's afraid her ex-husband's next stop will be her daughters' school. Calling Alex Jennings is the logical thing to do – the Chicago homicide detective is a family friend. But no matter how hard she tries to hide it, Gaby's feelings for Alex are far more than friendly. And when Alex camps out at her house to make sure the Stefano family is safe, it becomes nearly impossible to hide her attraction from Alex. 

Alex wants far more from Gaby than friendship. He's been giving her space to recover from her tumultuous marriage, but being forced to spend nearly all their time together is chipping away at the wall he's built around his heart. Alex wants Gaby and her girls in his life – permanently. 

With Gaby's abusive ex still on the loose, and the danger escalating, Alex and Gaby have to concentrate on the immediate threat. But when Gaby discovers Alex's secrets, will they prove to be more dangerous than her ex-husband?

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I have completely fallen for this author's style.  She gives us suspense but it's all wrapped up in pretty romance.  For a weenie like me, it makes those suspense moments tolerable! We see the Donovan family in this book, but the leads are spin off characters that we have meet during the series.

Gaby's daughter Bella is in the martial arts after school program at her school.  Alex Jennings sometimes helps that group out.  After the incident with Bella's step-father at the school, Alex has been keeping tabs on the family.  Over time, Gaby and Alex have become friends and Alex would do anything for Gaby and her girls.

This story starts with Gaby's ex showing up after wrongfully getting out of jail.  He is not a nice man and threatens Gaby and her girls.  Alex steps up for protection.  He is so patient with Gaby and willing to tread lightly until her heart catches up with his.  Perfect hero for this story! 

I love friends to lovers stories and then throw in a single parent on top of that!  Perfection!  I enjoy this author's sense of reality in her writing.  From the teenage eye rolls, to the very real "how not to get caught making out by your kids" issues that single parents dating have to deal with.

It was great to catch up with the Donovan's in the story.  Always love what seems like an extended epilogue in these family sagas.  Great read once again!

*ARC received from the author for an honest review.

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Protect Me

5 stars

Wow!  This may be my favorite book so far in the series! This is Mia Donovan's-the feisty little sister-story.  Each book brings us wonderful character development and a deeper look at each lead.  For some reason, this one grabbed me and wouldn't let go.  I actually called in late to work so I could keep reading.

Mia is assigned to protect actor Finn O'Rourke from a stalker while he is in Chicago for work.  She isn't happy about this and tries her best to keep her feelings all above board.  The unraveling of layers as characters come forward in a story is always amazing to me.  Both Mia and Finn are guarding their hearts.  And on the surface, Mia is to protect Finn, but in the end, they open up and protect each other.

The story has everything for a perfect romance:  humor, heart felt conversation,  s3xual tension, a sassy heroine, smoking hot alpha male with a heart of gold, and of course that moment when both characters realize it's all or nothing.  They HAVE to have this person in their lives.

Wonderful read.  It is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone.  Great to see the Donovan brother's and Mama pop back up in this book.  Can't wait for more from this author!

*ARC received from the author for an honest review.

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Save Me

4 stars

Save Me is Book 7 in the Donovan Series by Margaret Watson.  We have met Livvy and Ryan in previous books.  I must say, this pairing surprised me.

Livvy Marini is sister to Cilla.  Cilla is engaged to one of the Donovan brothers.  Livvy is a State Attorney assigned to squirrel out any information she can on crooked cop Anson Bates.  She is supposed to work with his partner, Ryan, to dig up whatever she can.  The only problem with that is Livvy hates Ryan for how he treated his fellow cop and her sister.  And as a reader, I would agree.  He so far has not presented as a likable person much less a lead character in a romance.

So here is the magic of being an author:  We fall in love with Ryan!  Thank you Margaret for redeeming him.  Oh, he is still rough around the edges to be sure.  But Livvy needs a bit of handling and Ryan seems to break down her defenses.  Ryan does come with a TON of baggage.  The message of the book and really all of the series, is that we are stronger with family.  They lift us up, they have our back, and they love us no matter what.  Livvy and Ryan end up being a perfect match.

You'll want to have read at least books 5 and 6 in order to be caught up on this story line.  There is a mystery and some suspense in this book.  As always, we get caught up on all the Donovan stories and get invited over to Rose's for dinner.  Perfect family saga!

*ARC received from the author for an honest review.

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