Review: Tastes Like Candy

Title: Tastes Like Candy, Lean Dogs Legacy #2
Author: Lauren Gilley
Published: May 26, 2016,  Indie
Genre: Contemporary, MC

Raised by a widower and a pack of uncles, Michelle Calloway has known only one way of life, that of the Lean Dogs MC, London chapter. When circumstances force her to flee to America, she fears her days of working alongside the club are over. But Derek Snow isn't the sort of man to let talent go to waste.

In Amarillo, Texas, Vice President Candyman faces the challenge of preserving his club and protecting his growing family. If Charlie Fox's niece has a head for numbers, he's going to put her to use. But he never would have guessed little Michelle would be so grown up already...

Club prince meets MC princess in book II of the Lean Dogs Legacy Series.


5 hearts

I honestly don't know if I can read any other MC series by any other author.  Lauren Gilley has managed to ruin me for other books.  No one will write in her family saga style.  And at this point, I don't care!  Just give me more by this author and I will be content.

The Lean Dogs MC is international.  This spin off series follows the club that is in Texas but they all are closely tied together.  Characters from the Lean Dogs series show up again in this book.  We get to catch up on all the HEA's as the story allows.  This Texas chapter is struggling a bit financially and needs s boost.  It just so happens, there is some trouble in England and the Mother Chapter's President sends his daughter to Derek Snow for safety and to use her brilliant mind to help the chapter pull it's self together again.

This book explores what it means to be a legacy.  Is it like Derek "The Candyman" Snow?  A man who is legendary for fighting and knocking opponents teeth out? Is a legacy what remains when a prolific sire loves em and leaves em along with all his progeny?  The banding together of his children results in each one have specific skills that help further the interests of the Lean Dogs MC.  Or is a legacy what we hope to impart on our children to give them better than we had?

I think the book touches on all of these.  Ultimately the legacy becomes the strengthening of the club by bonding the VP of the Texas chapter with the Princess of the whole club.  Michelle is a strong alpha female, well trained by her father and her uncles.  She can hold her own.  But in Candy, she finds a matching soul.  Something inside each of them needs the other.  Their joining becomes the future, the legacy of what the Lean Dogs will become.

Fantastic author.  Fantastic book.  So happy to have stumbled upon her work.  Loved <3

Book 1, Snow in Texas

Lauren Gilley was (mostly) raised in a barn, where her attention to detail led her to the sport of dressage. She earned a degree in Business Management, but her true calling has always been fiction-writing. She writes Literary Fiction which is sometimes mistaken for romance, and is passionate about elegant, evocative prose, and complex character development. When she’s not crafting novels, she’s mucking stalls…and thinking about novels. She lives in the South. 

I write in third person limited perspective, POV changing ONLY during a scene break, never within a scene or a paragraph, despite some confusion as to that point. I like pretty prose and detailed descriptions. Rich stories take time to unfold, and I write novels for readers who want to settle in deep with a book. If you're looking for trendy style, you've come to the wrong place. All of my novels are character-driven literary fiction which contain some adult content and strong language. These are character studies, with an emphasis placed on character development and carefully-crafted narrative, without adherence to standard romance formulas. I'm all about the atypical. 

You've been warned...

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