Review: Just Like this

Title:  Just Like This
Author: Taylor Lewis
Published: February 7, 2014
Genre: M/M Romance

Adam Clarkson is a successful TV actor who is enjoying his life and all the benefits it brings him. All that changes when Connell Mansell and his three children move in next door. From the moment he sees Connell, Adam is fascinated by him but is baffled when his friendly overtures are rebuffed. Determined to get to know the other man better, he starts a campaign to get closer to the little family and the aloof Connell. Connell is equally determined to keep Adam at arm's length and it takes help from friends, judicious use of dogs and a smattering of bribes before Adam is able to get close enough to even hold a conversation. Just when Adam thinks he has made some progress in getting closer to Connell he discovers the reason the other man is so protective and wary of letting anyone get close to him and his children. What happens from there is something neither man expected, but will ultimately change everyone's lives forever. 

This was a new to me author recommended by some other blogger friends. So happy to have come upon this book!

I love single parent books and having the parent be Dad is even more special. This book is about Connell and his 3 children. They move across country to escape some awful circumstances that have left them all very wary. They move in next door to Adam--an outgoing, character actor. Despite their best efforts to ignore Adam, he weasels his way into their lives. 

I loved the patience and slow build that brought these two together. I loved that honesty may have set them back a bit but did not destroy what they had. I loved how together they balanced each other for the better of the children. 

Sweet read. Great secondary characters! Lots of humor! Kids and Dogs, can't go wrong there at all!


 Taylor Lewis lives on a small, wind swept island off the west coast of Scotland with three entitled cats and two little dogs. Interests include staying dry as much as possible (sadly, not as often as wished for) and writing happy, escapism books in a variety of genres and main focus pairings that distract the author from the diabolical weather outside the window.


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